Noticing what Thelec was looking at, she couldn't help but ask. “Is it true the magical defenses are failing? I heard talk the Crystals are losing their strength.”

For a minute she was afraid Thelec wouldn't respond, but then he finally did. “Magic itself has been diminishing for centuries and the crystals along with it.” He looked directly at her with just the hint of smile. “It is the worst kept secret of our time.”

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New Battle Pass

The main way to to unlock the new content.
Play and get rewards.

The Battle Pass will be available for 1500 Rubies. This gives access to unlock all rewards. There is also a free path.

Progressing is done by Battle Pass XP. You will gain said XP by playing with Glory cards

If you buy the Battle Pass at a later point, you will receive all of the rewards up to your current tier, retroactively

Season Cards

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New Skins

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New Emotes

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