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For centuries fierce Voidborne armies have assaulted the great walls of Light's Reach and been defeated, but now an endless horde of voidborne, led by Crakgul Doomcleaver threatens its very survival and that of the Empyreum.

All that stands in their way are the valiant Empyrean Armies and the greatest warriors humanity have to offer - the Chapter of Light. They are few in number but each warrior is the equal of a hundred men.

Out Now

    • 8 NEW Cards
      2 NEW Skins
      4 NEW Emotes
      4 NEW Avatars

  • The Corrupting Will - A Minion Masters Short Story:

    Also available as PDF

    A Brother's Rites - A Minion Masters Short Story:

    Also available as PDF

    New Battle Pass

    The best way to unlock the new content.
    Play and get rewards.

    The Battle Pass will be available for 1500 Rubies. This gives access to unlock all rewards. There is also a free path.

    Progressing is done by Battle Pass XP. You will gain said XP by playing with cards with high Glory.

    If you buy the Battle Pass at a later point, you will receive all of the rewards up to your current tier, retroactively.

    Season Cards

    New Skins

    High Inquisitor Diona

    Sir King Puff

    New Emotes