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Morellia available now!

“Ya don’t jus’ walk into the Cursed Lands!” The grizzled adventurer scoffed, glancing sideways at the other inn patrons, now quiet and observing him. His eyes returned to the hooded man across the table, and he continued heatedly; “The dead don’ rest in that place. Some folk even talk of a dragon! A giant undead dragon!”

The hood impassively watched him scrape the chair across the wooden floor and disappear into the cold night.

As the hooded man scanned the room, and finally left as well, the tiny Scrat in the corner twitched his nose. This was it, his chance at glory. He would travel where humans would not, yes. He would find the gem. And he would return, a Hero!

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    • 8 NEW Cards
      2 NEW Skins
      4 NEW Emotes
      4 NEW Avatars

  • The Lich Queen - A Minion Masters Short Story:

    New Master

    Morellia the Lich Queen, Ruler of the Cursed lands, Queen of Souls, and Dragon Binder. Her magical power is rivaled only by her sister Milloween, but unlike her sister, Morellia uses her powers mercilessly in pursuit of her own ambitions. Wielding the Book of the Dead, she can call upon a host of powerful Death Magic to decimate her foes. However, the ancient soul trapped within the book is forever plotting its release.

    In the end all will serve the Lich Queen.

    Morellia the Lich Queen is a versatile spellcaster. She draws upon her Book of the Dead to grant her mastery over accursed magic, and she can call her pet dragon to her aid.

    Morellia will purchasable through the shop or via the "All Masters Upgrade" DLC.


    Necrotic Touch. Channels a beam of necrotic energy for 5 damage every 0.3 seconds with 12 range.
    Slows the target's speed to 4.

    Book of the Dead

    Adds the card Book of the Dead to the top of Morellia's deck every 25 seconds. Can only be played once.

    Unholy Bargain

    Morellia unlocks the deepest mysteries from the sentient Book of the Dead, empowering the effects.

    Queen's Dragon

    Add the card Queen's Dragon to Morellia's deck. Can only be played once.
    Summons Nyrvir the Fallen who breathes spiritfire on the battlefield before she lands.

    Book of the Dead Choice


    Summon 4 Skeletons.


    Give a random friendly minion Spirit.

    Life Drain

    Drain 100 health from the closest enemy minion and heal your Master for 100.

    Forbidden Knowledge

    Reduce the mana cost of two spells in your deck or hand by 1.

    Empowered Book of the Dead Choice


    Summon 8 Skeletons.


    Give 3 random friendly minions Spirit.

    Life Drain

    Drain 100 health from the two closest enemy minions and heal your Master for 200.

    Forbidden Knowledge

    Reduce the mana cost of two spells in your deck or hand by 2.

    New Battle Pass

    The best way to unlock the new content.
    Play and get rewards.

    The Battle Pass will be available for 1500 Rubies. This gives access to unlock all rewards. There is also a free path.

    Progressing is done by Battle Pass XP. You will gain said XP by playing with cards with high Glory.

    If you buy the Battle Pass at a later point, you will receive all of the rewards up to your current tier, retroactively.

    New Skins

    Soul Collector Mordar

    Queen of the Night Morellia

    New Emotes