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The Slitherbound are in desperate need of help. You must fight to clear a path for their escape and keep them from the shackles which once bound them.


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New Adventure

Unique MastersUnique PerksRelics & Treasures

Unique Masters

Six different playable Masters, each with individual perks and unlockable Affinity Cards.

Unique Perks

Poison Mortar

Shoots a Poison Mortar at the closest enemy minion every 6.5 seconds.

Pestilence Poison

Poisoned enemies get double damage from all sources.

Akinlep's call

Every stack gained from Ring the Bigger Gong is used to spawn Slither Minions.

Fight as or against the many different inhabitants of the Minion Masters world, each with different perks and personalities.

Relics & Treasures

After each encounter, you choose to improve your Master with upgrades for that run.

New Expansion

The Expansion consist of 3 Season Passes, filled with exciting new content and rewards.

Season Passes


Each Season Pass will be available to buy for in-game currency. This gives access to unlock all rewards. There is also a free path.

Each Season Pass runs for a month. Progressing is done playing with cards with high Glory or buying tiers.

If you buy a Season Pass at a later point, you will receive all of the rewards up to your current tier, retroactively.

Third Season Pass

New Cards

New Cosmetics


Second Season Pass

New Cards

Stun nearby enemy minions for 2 seconds.

New Cosmetics

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First Season Pass

New Cards

Poison Spit: Spits its potent saliva at its target inflicing 4 seconds of Poison to it and all nearby enemy Minions. Damage 10. Poison Damage 80. Radius 4. Cooldown 2. Range 6.

Slam Attack: Damage 100.

Ring the Gong: All nearby Enemy Minions take all Poison damage immediately.
This card stays in your hand until Ankilep's Gong of Pestilence dies, then it is replaced with Ankilep's Gong of Pestilence and sent to the bottom of your deck.

New Cosmetics

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