Minion Masters has AI-Players, or "bot" opponents. Players will encounter them more frequently at the beginning of the game and less so as they progress through the ranks. They are designed to provide a challenge, but yet also a good space to experiment and learn the game in the early stages. The higher rank you are, the better the bot will play, as it attempts to simulate an opponent of a similar rank. The reason for their presence is to extend the learning phase of the game beyond the tutorial and to give new players a chance to find their feet as they progress the ranks.


  • Bots follow all the game rules
  • Players who normally play in Master rank or above will rarely, if ever, encounter bots.
  • You will never be teamed up with a bot in 2v2.
  • There are no bots designed to make you lose.
  • The bot decks are not designed or matched to specifically counter your decks