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Jul 6

Jul 27

Aug 31

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Oct 19

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Dec 7

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Four complete decks with four unique Masters will be submitted as part of the registration process using the in-game chat’s /cud feature prior to pasting it into the form using ctrl+v.

No wildcards allowed

Tournament Format

The event will consist of a Double-Elimination Bracket. This means that participants have to lose twice before being eliminated from the tournament.

Both brackets will be in a Best of 3 Format. Winner’s Semi-Finals, Finals, Loser’s Finals and Tournament Finals will be in a Best of 5 Format.

The tournament’s format is Last Master Standing. In this format, a player that wins is forced to play the same Master until it loses. A deck that lost a match is eliminated from play during the current round, and can be played again in future rounds, unless it’s banned.

Banning Order
In Swiss Cut the order is as follows:
First, High Seed bans 1 Master
Next, Low seed bans 2 Masters
Finally, High Seed bans 1 Master

In Top 8 the order is as follows:
High Seed bans 1 Master
Low seed bans 1 Master
During this stage, players will privately tell the bans to the designated Admin.

Community Run

The King Puff Cup is a tournament organization for the competitive video game Minion Masters, with the blessing of BetaDwarf Entertainment.

The KPC was founded in February of 2017 and has organized over 30 tournaments, with more to come!

Follow us for tournament updates, and all things Minion Masters. Oh and giveaways too.

King Puff Cup Circuit Staff

Owner: FFA
Admin: ExpiredBL, Gandalf, RushSecond, Sinilil
Casters: Apples!, Deltabbx, TGXAndy
Artists: Jamez28, Morbid Wisp
And many more not listed here.

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