Are you a Minion Masters streamer? If so, you are in luck! Our streamer incentive program rewards streamers and their communities for creating and watching Minion Masters content. Keep reading to learn more about our incentive program.

Hours watched Reward
100 2,500 Rubies + 5 Dwarf Packs
250 Streamer Avatar + 10 Dwarf Packs
500 2,500 Rubies + 5 Big Dwarf Packs + 10 Dwarf Packs
1000 Special Discord server role + 5 Big Dwarf Packs + 10 Dwarf Packs
2500 Streamer Emote 1 + 5,000 Rubies + 25 Big Dwarf Packs + 25 Dwarf Packs
5000 Streamer Emote 2 + 25 Big Dwarf Packs + 25 Dwarf Packs
7500 Website with gifts for all who follows you + 25 Mega Dwarf Packs + 25 Big Dwarf Packs
10000 Streamer Arena and Featured Streamer Spotlight in BetaDwarf’s Blog
10000+ If not already, consider becoming a partner for even more rewards :)

If you are a Mixer streamer, message RGL_Trinity#2180 on Discord or to get enrolled in our Mixer-specific program.

Are these rewards not enough?

If these rewards just are not enough, you may be eligible for our partnership program. For our most dedicated streamers, we also have a Minion Masters Streamer Partnership Program that really ups the ante, offering some insane rewards, including custom in-game content and an enhanced Watch and Win experience.

Who is eligible for the incentive program?

This incentive program is open to everyone, but BetaDwarf retains the right to reject anyone that shows behavior deemed to be inappropriate on stream or within the community, and BetaDwarf retains the right to reject anyone suspected of earning hours through fraudulent means. Streamers are responsible for tracking their own stats and must request rewards from BetaDwarf through the online form. This program is subject to change.

How are hours tracked?

You can visit to track your hours watched of Minion Masters content over the past year.

Will the hours I already have count?

Yes! All the hours you have accumulated over the past year will count towards the program.

What are included in the Dwarf Pack codes and Big Dwarf Pack codes?

The Dwarf Packs contain 3 power tokens and 1,500 gold. The Big Dwarf Packs contain 15 power tokens and 300 rubies. The Mega Dwarf Pack contains 25 power tokens, 5,000 gold, and 500 rubies.

What are the streamer avatar, streamer emote, streamer skin, and streamer arena rewards?

These rewards are in-game items that are exclusive to streamers that participate in this incentive program.

Can I request additional rewards outside of this program?

Yes! If you have something special going on like a charity stream or milestone stream, we will definitely consider giving rewards outside of this program. Additionally, while it is our goal to primarily use our existing program to handle rewards, we are always open to requests from streamers. You can email to discuss further.

What incentives are there if I am a content creator on another platform such as YouTube or Mixer?

Right now, we are working on setting up incentive programs for other platforms such as YouTube or Mixer. If you are active on these platforms and want to have some input on how these programs are set up, you can email

Who can I contact about issues involving this program?

You can email with any questions, concerns, or feedback about the incentive program.